Reading Girls Series - Commission Request


On sale until the end of February. Usually 2000

2 weeks for a finished piece.

This is part of my ongoing project 'Reading Girls'.

I offer commission 'title' requests for this series.

If you have a favorite book or title that you would like to have as a 'Reading Girl' just send me the title. :)

Reading Girls are 135cm tall x 105 cm wide (53" x 41" approx) ... big!

Acrylic and Aerosol on heavy watercolour paper with all deckled edges, pencil signed and dated en verso, blind stamped.

I've added some 'series' examples here, but I'm excited to add 'your' titles to the project.

To get the commission for your title underway, I'll get an email and then I'll send you a note to discuss what title you want. Any title is fair game! Ships Fedex express international. 45 Euro is added on at checkout.